My Secrets


 I love bugs and spiders. Once while visiting Costa Rica, I took a scary night hike in the jungle with tarantulas all around me.  I almost got bitten by a venomous coral snake but my son saved me. I love to wear scarves, tie-dyed shirts and soft sweatshirts. I love dark chocolate. And capers too. But not together. I'm a terrible artist. I love the beach. I don't like the cold. I'm not good at Math. But I did well in Geometry and Statistics. I think farts are really funny. I love animals...sometimes more than people.I don't like driving over bridges or flying in airplanes. I was afraid of my 6th grade teacher. I  was really quiet in school. I always got picked last for sports teams in gym. Sometimes the other team regretted it, because I was actually good at some things like volleyball. I love to read and write poetry. I don't like to exercise. I do it so I can eat chocolate. I enjoy yoga and getting in touch with the inner me. I  only like people who are real. I'm vertically challenged. I don't like to talk about politics or sports. I like rocks and colored stones. I didn't like to read that much when I was in school. I read more as I got older and I love historical fiction. I did like to write and play with words. It is best to talk to me after I've had my morning coffee and not before. Green is my favorite color. Writing - to me - is creating art.