My Work

I also write for children's magazines. Here are a few of my articles and poems that have appeared in popular publications.

Next Step Magazine : A publication mainly in school guidance offices about career choices. Read my articles: careers with animals, careers in health, careers in law and careers in education.
Ladybug Magazine: A publication for children ages 2 through 6. Read my poem called, "Tiger Kitty" on page 34 and see how much fun kitties can be!
American Careers Magazine: A publication mainly in guidance and academic areas. Read my career feature about Global Information Technology: A challenging, demanding and rewarding career path.
Highlights Magazine: A well-known children's magazine for kids ages 2 through 12. Read and make my tasty ladybug activity that is also a healthy snack.
Moo Cow Fan Club: A magazine in which my issue focuses on Australian Animals. My non-fiction article, "EE-Moo" is about Australian Emus. Did you know that emu dads sit on the eggs their mate lays. They don't leave the nest for anything. Not to eat, drink or poop!
Hopscotch: A magazine for girls. Read my non-fiction article, "Down Under Dad" also about Australian Emus. Sheena Knowles book, "Edward the Emu" inspired these articles about flightless birds.
Boy's Quest: A magazine for boys. The issue I focused on is all about dirt. Read my non-fiction article, "Little Hidden Secrets" and see what treasures you can find in a little dirt! Published Magazine Pieces
  Wee Ones "Don't Run, Don't Hide" - a non-fiction article about fire safety that has been reprinted 3 times.
Spider "Holey Moley" - a non-fiction article about Atlantic Mole crabs.
  Fandangle "Ice Cream Dream" - an ice creamy poem "What Else do April Showers Bring" - a poem about wiggly worms.
  Wrote a regular column called Fun Tales for this publication with stories starters like Mad Libs.
  Broomstix "Bats" - A non-fiction poem about bats Stories for Children "Ice is Nice" - A poem about snow and icicles.
  Science Weekly I have written for a Science publication called Science Weekly. I published issues that included a weekly science lab, writing in science, vocabulary, math, a challenge, a bringing it home [household activity] and Meet the Scientist. I wrote all levels from PreK to 5/6th grade. My topics have been Birds/Flight, Hot Springs, Whales, Poisonous Animals and Rats.
  I write and submit my own works of non-fiction and poetry and critique other writer's work so they critique mine.
  I am an active member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators [SCBWI] and the Rutgers University Council of Children's Literature [RUCCL]. Also, I am a critiquer for the Summit Young Writers Festival.

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